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Nature’s growth is nonlinear, which means that the net value of

1 million trees is greater than the value of

1 tree x 1 million dispersed.

We mobilize intelligent conservation capital, enabling investors to optimize the value of their portfolio, while reducing climate risks, through three main solutions.


The Climate Risk Mitigation Taxonomy (CRMT) enables institutional investors to select from 13 types of climate risks such as flooding, wildfires, and drought, and from 18 types of co-benefits such as supply chain efficiencies, reducing disaster relief costs, and increasing property values.


Selected risks and co-benefits are mapped to 10 types of forest and landscape restoration (FLR) solutions that can either reduce those risks e.g. wetlands can mitigate wildfires; or generate co-benefits e.g. every hectare of mangroves generates ~$1,000 in ecotourism revenues.


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The Forest Assets Directory is not an investable platform and does not replace investor due diligence. It is a complimentary, searchable database of pre-screened, sizeable, and responsible investment opportunities in forest and landscape restoration (FLR). These opportunities can fulfill ESG investment mandates, or, when strategically selected, they can mitigate investor climate risk exposures and generate a variety of co-benefits.

Using the Forest Funds Map ‘search nearby’ feature, investors can enter the address of their assets at risk, and find suitable investables that mitigate those risks, within a 20-mile radius.

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Imagine being able to quantify the value that each FLR investment has in terms of mitigating your portfolio climate risks, such as reducing the costs of damages, credit risks, and supply chain disruptions.

Our AI-powered analytics dashboard quantifies the benefits of making an investment—beyond IRR—helping investors capture value from climate risk mitigation, and from other co-benefits, such as increasing property values of assets, decreasing utility costs, and revenue generation. 


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