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Forest landscape restoration faces an annual deficit of ~$400bn.

Our mission is to mobilize conservation finance to restore 1.2 trillion trees and regenerate ecosystems—which would cancel out a decade of carbon emissions.


The Trillion Tree Fund adopts a nature-based solutions (NbS), science, technology and market-based approach to scaling investments in forest and landscape restoration. 

The Trillion Tree Fund is not a grant giving organization. However, as a nonprofit social enterprise, all surplus revenues generated through the 
for-profit analytics platform—which we own—will be reinvested into smaller, community-driven conservation projects. 

This hybrid structure enables us to advance our mission to fund the restoration of 1.2 trillion trees, without comprising the growth and capital needed to accelerate the analytics platform, and to generate revenues.

We are compelled by the urgency of the climate crisis;


Anchored in the research-driven 'Trillion Tree' movement;

Recognize nature as our biggest social and economic partner;

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and


Encouraged by conveners like the World Economic Forum’s


To be announced soon!