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Transform Climate Risks


Our AI-powered analytics solution enables investors to protect their portfolios & assets from climate risks, through strategic investments in forest landscape restoration

Invest Now, or Pay Later

The pandemic was a costly reminder that prevention is a business, social, and environmental imperative. Almost 60% of companies in the S&P 500 and more than 40% of companies in the S&P Global 1,200 with market capitalizations of $18 trillion and $27.3 trillion, respectively, hold assets at high risk of physical climate change impacts. Failing to meet the Paris Agreement targets could cost the global economy almost $792 trillion over the next 80 years.

THE Greatest Market Failure

Forest landscape restoration (FLR) can mitigate climate risks like flooding and wildfires, and generates an estimated $7–$30 in economic benefits for every dollar invested. Yet beyond carbon trading, timber, and non-timber forest products, the "co-benefits" of FLR are grossly undervalued by markets. Co-benefits include reducing financial losses, liabilities and credit risks from natural disasters; disease control, decreasing public health expenditure, supply chain efficiencies, and much more.


Our searchable 'Forest Funds Directory' aggregates billions of dollars’ worth of global, investable opportunities in Forest landscape restoration (FLR), across financial and natural asset classes. Through predictive analytics and machine learning, we quantify the cost savings and other co-benefits of an FLR investment. This enables institutional investors to allocate their capital more strategically—targeting 5-20% IRR, while protecting their portfolios and assets from climate risks.

WE CALL THIS mutual optimization of value for investors, communities, and nature a

‘Public-Planet Partnership’


We are currently selecting leading investors and early adopters as pilot use cases. This will enhance our algorithm design, and provide investors with a unique opportunity to influence product features that optimize investor value.
If you'd like to benefit from advanced human-machine capabilities powered by nature, we'd love to hear from you.

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